System Login

To login to kynect, the user can select the log-in link in the upper right corner of the Welcome screen;


select  Let’s Get Started from the appropriate user tab to continue with the log-in process.



Note: The user is not required to log in to kynect to access the pre-screening tool; however, the user will be prompted to log in if they choose to start an application or continue or view an existing application. (Additional details on the pre-screening process are provided in Section 4 of this user manual).

KOG Log-In and Account Creation

Upon selecting the log-in link from the kynect Welcome screen or user tab, the user is directed to the Kentucky Online Gateway (KOG) log-in screen. The Kentucky Online Gateway is the primary sign on and entry point for accessing Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS) programs. All kynect users are required to sign in to their KOG account before they can access kynect.


kynectors and registered kynect insurance agents cannot create an account through the KOG. Once these individuals have met the kynect certification and training requirements, their login credentials will be created for them and they will be able login through the KOG login screen.  All other kynect users can create an account following the instructions below.



If the user already has an existing KOG account he/she can enter their log-in details in the fields provided and click  Log In;




If the user does not have an existing KOG account he/she can select  Create an Account to complete the KOG Account Profile screen. Upon completing the KOG Account Profile screen, the user can click  Submit.


Once the user is logged in, the Health Benefit Exchange determines if they are already known to the system, in which case they are directed to the Overview tab of their Personal Page.  If the user is new to the system, he/she is directed to the beginning of the application intake process. 



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